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lignapal 169.02 TWIZERS | Tweezers

In the very competitive industry of the furniture industry in general and kitchens in particular, you can find only a few companies that bring with them added value in the form of the winning combination between original thinking and advanced technology. One of the most prominent in the field is Twizers, a boutique company for raw materials for the furniture and kitchen industry.
The company focuses on premium products from the world of the latest design, with an emphasis on advanced technology from the world's leading companies.
The world of design is renewed every moment and everywhere in the world, constantly. Inspiration of one design, develops a new product which is also an inspiration for the next product. . Digital technology has made the global village more accessible than ever, which leads to endless inspirations that are renewed every moment and produce new worlds again and again. We are constantly on the pulse and work hard to get inspiration from the most leading sources in the world of design in the field of furniture and raw materials. All this, while creating considerable differentiation.
The advanced technology enables the unique design at the same time, alongside a renewed design combined with a traditional classic look. Often, the advanced technology solves technical failures that are usually manifested in the traditional work methods.
Among other things, the company specializes in the import of veneers processed with varnish and ready for work made in LEEUWENBURGH Netherlands. Design polyester-coated MDF panels made in Emotion NIEMANN Germany, light weight wooden panels for surfaces, interior doors, floating shelves and for any construction.

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