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Twizers Ltd
Import and marketing of luxury raw materials for the furniture industry
Unique oak veneer and walnut veneer made by the leading LEEUWENBURGH FINEER brand from the Netherlands. A processed and inspiring natural oak veneer
Kitchen with natural beamed oak veneer 169.02 for example
A log of the Lyonbruge Netherlands company
Saw figurine
Special oak veneer made by the leading COCO VERO brand from Austria. Natural oak veneer in several colours, with sandblasting and accentuating black grain.
Veneer art veneer rolled
Saw image
Black nano drawer front from the Pianovo U231 Soft Touch series
Logo of Immoshan Niaman Germany
PIANOVO panels are super matte panels with a particularly strong polyester layer that gives the panels strength and impermeability against the absorption of stains and oil.
Easy to clean and always looks new
Saw figurine
A variety of selected HPL's with finishes that match reality.
Marble, concrete, stone, rust, wood and more.
An amazing collection of excellent quality
A man is carved in marble as a subject image for Tweezers formicas
Logo of the Heritage Laminate formica company
The V MAX profile handle is a painted aluminum profile made in Spain.
3 meter length that can be cut and has metal closures for a perfect finish.
Fronts can be produced independently without engraving the fronts, but by cutting at 45 degrees only and gluing with Super 7.
Image of facades with a V-Max handle
Facades with cants for illustration
PVC edgebanding made in Spain with color matching to all our types of panels and finishes. There are also edges with a width of 50 mm
Saw figurine
Aluminum front with black MDF
Aluminum panels with a thickness of 1.0 mm, made in Germany with anodized processing with a special finish for prestigious projects. Laminated on black MDF with a thickness of 12 mm.
Final thickness 14 mm
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