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שידה עם פיאנובו U231


Logo of Immoshan Niaman Germany

Matte "Nano" piano (Anti Fingerprint) / high gloss, with a velvety look and feel with a variety of current colors.
Thanks to the unique patent, in the top matte layer, a perfect finish is obtained with high quality and resistance to abrasion and yellowing and prevents fingerprints. It can also be easily cleaned.
Another notable advantage of the PIANOVO series is t
he option to replace or add facades while maintaining the original color without change at all even after years of using the kitchen or furniture. 
Using matching EdgeBands, the same look is obtained for color fronts that can be combined with built-in painted handles.
In any kitchen or furniture, PIANOVO facades
  With a matte / high gloss finish - suitable for a modern style, which gives a uniform and solid look which creates a warm atmosphere.

NIEMANN developed the PAINOVO product about 20 years ago and since then the product has undergone a number of improvements and updates in line with trends in the design world.

There are matching EdgeBands in color and finish



  • No Fingerprint (Anti FingerPrint)

  • Scratch resistant (for nails)

  • Easily cleans ( resistant to wonder sponge and alcohol thanks to the polyester layer)

  • Easy processing using woodworking machines

  • Panel size: 280X125 cm

  • Panel thickness: 18 mm

  • Core: MDF

  • Back in matching shade

פיאנובו W001
  • Matte "Nano" Anti FingerPrint

  • High luster

W001 Icy White

פיאנובו W002
  • Matte "Nano" Anti FingerPrint

  • High luster

W002 Alpine White

פיאנובו U497
  • Matte "Nano" Anti FingerPrint

U497 Light Gray

U657 פיאנובו
  • Matte "Nano" Anti FingerPrint

U657 Onyx Gray

U791 פיאנובו
  • Matte "Nano" Anti FingerPrint

U791 Graphite Gray

U312 פיאנובו
  • Matte "Nano" Anti FingerPrint

U312 Cashmere

U792 פיאנובו
  • Matte "Nano" Anti FingerPrint

U792 Gray Brown

U414 פיאנובו
  • Matte "Nano" Anti FingerPrint

U414 Lava

U494 פיאנובו
  • Matte "Nano" Anti FingerPrint

U494 Midnight Blue

U231 פיאנובו
  • Matte "Nano" Anti FingerPrint

U231 Black

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